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Entry #9

Voice actor needed! Cartoon series casting call!

2014-07-17 04:04:07 by Parimak


It seems another minor roadblock has come up, there's been a change in cast in my cartoon series, all of which will be explained later. So;

Are you a mildly experienced voice actor with a decent microphone? Are you a female with a low-ish voice that's good for voicing boys? Are you interested in voice acting a major role in my plot-based cartoon series, Epexsus? If all these apply to you, AWESOME!

Go check out the audition page, please!

It's for this character! Makota!


The deadline is in 10 days! (which may be extended)

If the second thing doesn't completely apply to you but the other two do, that's alright! I'll be adding new roles very soon! (there's gonna be a total of 3 open roles after this one (all female), so keep checking back!)

I've got some big plans, the second episode is well on it's way, along with the first episode getting a redux/HD re-release! Stay tuned!!

In the meantime, have an NG-exclusive screenshot of episode 2!


There's plenty more at my tumblr!


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2014-07-17 17:04:57

I'd love to voice act :D Maybe for another character.


2014-07-17 19:49:45

I'm not female, nor do I have the right voice. So I guess we're both out of luck for now! XD
Looking forward to watching it though!


2014-07-18 02:24:25

I almost got excited about flexing my vocal chords a bit, oh well =P


2014-07-18 16:04:06

Might want to mention you need a voice "actress" not "actor" in your subject, guy.

Parimak responds:

That is a mighty fine point you have. Hahah, what's wrong with me :P


2014-07-19 02:55:19

If the last voice actor was a guy why not look for a guy?