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Hello there NG! It's been a while!

A small portion of you know me as that guy who created Epexsus episode 1 but never released episode 2. Rest assured that it wasn't just let go, I didn't lose steam, I worked on it incredibly hard for the 4 years that came after, produced almost 25 minutes worth of footage, and honed and sharpened my creative skills as a result. But, late last year, after making a very, VERY hard decision, it was all thrown out. It's been 7 years since the conception of this series, and that old vision had simply died out. Not only due to the ever changing nature of web animation and current day standards, but also due to the standards I now hold myself, and my creative work to, in every faucet -- Writing, animation, music compositon etc. As I learned far too much during that 4 year period, from not only personal experience and much self study, that was not reflected in what I was currently creating (Episode 2), and especially not episode 1.

So I made the decision to start over, fix the millions of clumsy mistakes I made along the way the first time through, and put my latest skills to the absolute test. Not only that, but also refresh and reinvigorate this story into something I love again, and I think you will all love twice as much, or at least I hope.

It's called The Hollow Era.


There's been a shift in tone, no doubt about that. But its bigger, better, and the best part, it's given the chance to actually exist. Meaning -- the biggest change between this and Epexsus, is that Hollow Era's episodes will only be 5 minutes long, instead of 25-30 minutes like Epexsus Episode 2 was ending up to be. Which also means it's something accomplishable by a single human being. O_O

There's already a couple clips out, but i'll link to one. https://twitter.com/Parimak94/status/825464719804944384

I'll always be posting screenshots and regular updates on my Twitter. So if your interested, gimme a follow there! Thanks for reading. :)

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